Once Upon a Time (สามชาติสามภพป่าท้อสิบหลี่) ภาพยนตร์

Once Upon a Time

Bai Qian is the youngest of five in the Bai family, a family of fox deities and the rulers of the mystical land Qing Qiu. One day, Bai Qian is invited to the East Sea to attend a party. There, she runs into a little boy who steals her fan. When she notices the boy missing, she spots a lady dropping the fan. The lady is revealed to be Xuan Nu, the Demon Clan’s Queen. Xuan Nu runs away, only for a man to come running to the boy, calling him Ah Li. Bai Qian, thinking that he is Xuan Nu, tries to stop him from approaching the Ah Li. While fighting, the man stops and calls her Su Su. The man is revealed to be Ye Hua, her betrothed, Ah Li’s father, and the Heaven Tribe’s Crown Prince. After Ye Hua apologizes, she leaves.

Back in Qing Qiu, Ye Hua and Ah Li has decided to stay with Bai Qian. While Bai Qian is with Zhe Yan, Mi Gu, a tree spirit, informs her that someone has come to Qing Qiu to take Ah Li away. The lady sees a man in an ice block in a cave. She recognizes the man as Mo Yuan and rushes out when she hears Bai Qian calling for Ah Li. The lady reveals herself to be Su Jin, a princess consort of the Heaven Tribe, who happens to be in love with Ye Hua. Ye Hua walks in and tells both of them that Ah Li will be returning to the Heaven Tribe after celebrating his birthday in the mortal realm with his mom and dad.

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