Lawless Lawyer ทนายสายเดือด

ซีรี่ย์เกาหลี Lawless Lawyer ทนายสายเดือด

ซีรี่ย์เกาหลี Lawless Lawyer ทนายสายเดือด บงซัลพิล (รับบทโดย อีจุนกิ) หนุ่มสุดแสบที่มีชื่อเสียงโด่งดังในฐานะทนายนักเลง เป้าหมายของเขาคือการชนะทุกคดีโดยไม่สนวิธีการ บงซัลพิลได้มาร่วมมือกับฮาแจยี (รับบทโดน ซอเยจี) ทนายสาวผู้รักในความยุติธรรม เพื่อเปิดโปงความชั่วและอำนาจมืดในเมืองแห่งนี้!

Lawless Lawyer (Korean: 무법 변호사; RR: Mubeop Byeonhosa) is a legal thriller television series that ran in 2018 and stars Lee Joon-gi, Seo Ye-ji, Lee Hye-young and Choi Min-soo. The series was written by Yoon Hyun-ho and directed by Kim Jin-min.[2] The series is set in the fictional city of Kisung[3] which is described as lawless and corrupt.

The series follows characters Bong Sang-pil and Ha Jae-yi who form the Lawless Law Firm. Sang-pil, a former gangster turned lawyer, seeks to avenge his mother and fight against those with absolute power. He often resorts to using his fists and loopholes in the law to achieve his goals.[4] Ha Jae-yi is a lawyer of high integrity who works with Sang-pil after she is suspended for assaulting a judge.[3] Together they use the law to fight for justice against corrupt judge Cha Moon-sook and her associates.

Lawless Lawyer premiered on tvN on May 12, 2018.[3] It concluded on July 1, 2018 with the airing of the 16th episode. The series was a commercial hit and became one of the highest rated Korean dramas in cable television history.[5]

Lee Joon-gi as Bong Sang-pil – a former gangster turned lawyer who takes advantage of loopholes in the law and boasts an excellent win rate.[6] Born in Kisung, but raised by his uncle Dae-woong in Seoul after his mother was killed. As a member of his uncle’s gang, he became an excellent fighter. Prior to becoming a lawyer, he spent time in prison for his gang activity. According to actor Lee Joon-gi, he has lived a life of hardship.[3] While now a lawyer, he is not afraid to use his fists and his old gang connections when needed for a case. He is defined by his desire to gain justice for his mother and his loyalty to Jae-yi. He trusts Jae-yi completely, even when his life, freedom, or work is on the line.
Lee Ro-woon as young Bong Sang-pil
Seo Ye-ji as Ha Jae-yi – a lawyer of integrity who ends up getting demoted after attacking a judge.[7] Raised by her father after the disappearance of her mother. Before her return to Kisung, she thought highly of Moon-sook as a role model.[8] Having learned the truth, however, she is relentless is seeking justice for her mother and Sang-pil. Described by actress Seo Ye-ji as unable to hold in her anger,[9] she does not back down when she is in the right. As a strong, independent woman, she is an equal partner with Sang-pil and protects those she loves. She is loyal to Sang-pil even when others, such as her father, oppose her relationship with him.
Lee Hye-young as Cha Moon-sook – a senior judge who is highly respected but corrupt and greedy. She appears noble, caring, and just. However, she is not afraid of any act that protects her position.[10] She has ordered murders, rigged trials, run a corrupt charity for her own gain, and chosen city leaders. The mastermind of the series, she manipulates others with ease.[11] She is a formidable opponent to any who cross her and shows no remorse for her past actions.
Choi Min-soo as Ahn Oh-joo – a former gangster, he has also been the boss of a large corporation and the mayor of Kisung. He is a dangerous, unscrupulous man who tries to hide his ugly past and true colors.[11] While he wishes to distance himself from his old associates, he still uses them to protect his goals. Once a loyal fixer for Moon-sook’s father, he came to support her as well. He is charismatic and can easily convince others to do his bidding.[9] Defined by his ambition and love for money, he will do anything to gain a higher position in life.[12]